Behaviour Driven

Scrums Manager

Do you want your Scrums team to DOMINATE?! Then you want our most advanced certificate yet! With the BDSM you will learn how to control your WIP, advanced release planning, and when to use a SAFe word!

Prerequisite: our CSM and a thick hide!

Clever Cunning Certificated

Project Ogre

With this certificate you will be seen as a Golden God amongst your tribe! Learn advanced protocols and become an expert in human-cyborg relations! You will soon make a name for yourself telling everyone else the odds!

Prerequisite: Current Scrums Allegiance CSPO and stacks of gold...or gold-pressed latinum!

Certificated Scrums


One of our most amazing deals. This certificate is a steal! Ok, so this is the way it works: Every time you mention @ScrmsAllegiance on Twitter just Venmo us $1.00 - then, every Friday we promise to #FF you!

Prerequisite: Venmo & Twitter account & hordes of $1.00s

Certificated Scrums Manager

Introductory course to appearing more agile and base membership in our little club. Remain conscious for 2 days and get 74% of 50 questions correct, YOU'RE IN!!!

Prerequisite: Money and a pulse*

*pulse is optional

Certificated Scrums Project Ogre

Introductory course to getting the shit you need done, done now. You'll learn how to tell a pig where bacon comes from. After completion you'll show everyone that you mean business!

Prerequisite: Big ole attitude and some Benjamins

Certificated Scrums Doer

Introductory course to actually getting work done. You'll learn the latest advancements in touch typing, where the "files" are in the computer, and the Fibonacci sequence. Mamma Mia!

Prerequisite: Fingers for typing and yeah...da monies baby!