Our Story

2 Nov 2021

WELL WELL WELL!!! Our day of decision finally came and let us tell you...it was WELL worth the wait!

WE WON!!! So this means we get to keep the old domain that is not simply redirecting to the new domain.

If you'd like to read the entire decision (it's got some great moments) you can download it here!

19 Oct 2021

OH THE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!! We were promised our day! SERIOUSLY?!?! Who's checking these folks' estimates?!?!?!?! They clearly are not using LEGITIMATE certificated resources!

Well, we guess bureaucracies gonna bureaucracy :( One does not get angry at the sky for being blue, stones for being hard, or transformations for failing to achieve results - these are, after all, just the way of things and are completely unavoidable.

In other news....they called us EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Ok...well, check back on Oct 25th we guess...

4 Oct 2021

Huh...it seems there was no advantage to getting the Response in early. Oct 4 is here and we received the notification today that the Panelist has been identified and various bureaucracy shall ensue. However, one useful piece of information is a NEW DATE!!! W00T! Oct 18th! (at the latest)...so we are waiting with baited breath!

29 Sep 2021

Allllllrighty then! We got our response back to WIPO early! I wonder if we get extra credit for that? As well as doing our own research and writing a pretty dang valid argument.

So, it boils down to this...the Organization That Shall Not Be Named has to argue that THREE things are true:

  1. Our original domain (scrumsalliance.org) is "confusingly similar" to theirs. (It is, we give them that)

  2. We do not have a valid interest in using the domain. (We certainly think our interest is valid and justified!)

  3. We are not using it in bad faith. (We argue that we are not as we are not intending to misdirect their customers, or disrupt their business.)

So now a "panel" of one person will meet to read their Complaint and our Response and make the call if we get to keep our original domain name. If we do, great - it'll stay live and redirect here. If we don't - doesn't really matter as no traffic is being directed that way anyhow and this site will stay live and likely grow!

We do find it interesting that they were willing to spend $2000 to file the complaint plus whatever jw.com is charging them to write up their complaint to "protect" themselves from our $12 domain. I bet their membership will find that money well spent! SUPER LEGITIMATE!

13 Sep 2021

Well well well, Sep 13th has arrived! And we got our peepers on the Official Complaint being filed against us with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This means we FINALLY get to find out who the complainer is, and we'll just say - it's not really a surprise.

You may have noticed, we've made some design changes around the site recently ;) - but more on that later.

First, we thought we'd share some of our favorite parts of The Complaint with any readers following along at home.

Besieged? Wow! Comin' in hot and layin' it on THICK! We never knew you could combine legalese with satire?!? MAD SKILLS!!!

Seriously? People actually thought this site was a product of The Complaining Organization? lols...ok

Also, why is "live" in quotes? We're imagining some old lawyery dude explaining to his lawyer peeps what he learned from his grandson two nights ago how the "internet" works with "websites" and "the facebooks".

And someone found this site by accident while searching for The Complainer's Site? Hell, we can't even find ourselves searching for our own name, much less theirs! Must've been some serious fat fingering...Seriously! Go do a "browser search" for us now and see what you get!

Next they basically make their ultimate claim - which is that this lovely little site is "confusingly similar" to theirs, and that our URL has been registered in "bad faith". They go so far as to claim we are typosquatting! (which we thought was some type of P90-X finger exercise until we looked it up.)

fwiw - some of those "typosquats" above look like AMAZING satire sites :D

(side thought - how many typosquats does it take to become a 10x developer? hmmmm???)

Now this we found highly amusing! apparently we are "registered *primarily* for the purpose of disrupting the business of a competitor"?!?! Didn't realize we were such heavy-weight competition! GO US!!!

...aaaand it kinda goes on and on like this for about 12 pages. Probably the funniest part is the highly paid lawyery folks filed this for 2020 (effin off-by-one-errors!)...probably just a typosquat, but for what we imagine they're getting paid you'd think they'd get that shit right. Must be hard to keep track of all the copy-pasta though when you're always needing legal involvement to protect the quality of your brand!

Alright, so back to some of the recent design changes:

After this site went live a while back, we ran into loads of folks who got a good little chuckle out of it. We consider those people Our Audience.

[CAUTION: SPOILERS] Our goal, when we produced this content, was to use parody and satire to point a big ole finger at the Agile Industrial Complex. Our intent was not to direct malice at any one specific framework or methodology vendor - they are all part of this from what we can tell, and the kinda orgs that think they can install or certify their way to meaningful organizational change.

However, we got mixed feedback from Our Audience. They all thought the site was funny. And while some noticed the obvious parody of one of the largest, oldest framework vendors in the industry, they understood the main message regarding the problems created by the Agile Industrial Complex...but others from Our Audience thought it was a dig at one specific organization.

So, after some thought, we decided to broaden the parody to poke fun at few different vendors. Ya know...sorta spread the love around. So we made some design changes, and picked up new URL. If you look REAL careful, you should find aspects from THREE different framework vendors in our new logo banner thingy...can you find them all?!?!

Funny thing though - If we ran an organization that made $10M-$20M a year, we'd probably spend some of that money trying to fix the ecosystem we're a part of - instead of going after small, little parody sites coz we got our feelings hurt. But hey, folks spend their money where their values take them!

08 Sep 2021 (our reply)

08 Sep 2021

The plot thickens! So there is a Complainant (isn't there always?) and apparently the kind and wonderful folks at jw.com are involved as well.

This almost makes us wonder if the concern was ever *really* about the URL or if this was just a sneaky trick to divulge our contact information?

But with terms being tossed about like "panel's discretion", "mutual jurisdiction", and "formal complaint notification", we are waiting with great anticipation for Sep. 13! STAY TUNED!!!

07 Sep 2021

We received this email! I wonder who could possibly be concerned about our domain name?!?

We are clearly being targeted due to our rampant success and hordes of cash we've been raking in.

It might also be possible that someone is just pulling our proverbial pig tails coz they loathe the fact that we sell certificates and claim to improve organizations when really there is no demonstrable proof of increased business outcomes using our method...

...oh wait...

Good to learn about the Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the "Rules")


04 Sep 2021

So now that we knew people were writing about us, we'd kept a look out and found this jewel.

In this post, Ron Jeffries claims to be an author. And we can tell he must be a great one - whatever genre he publishes! He speaks to the heart of all those who write: "Know Thy Audience". Because trying to be something for everyone usually leads down the path of being nothing for anyone.

Ron deftly conjures imagery of a world of concentric circles with ever increasing darkness. One can easily visualize the implied ivory tower, filled with the Disciples of The Religion looming high in the clouds. The reader can actually feel the anguish of the poor souls, left floundering in the darkest reaches of this world, as they stare, with both longing and disgust, at the gleaming tower, wishing themselves a better life.

We feel Ron also presents a rounded view of a challenging topic from many perspectives. He also nudged at the ancient Spider Man proverb "with great power, comes great responsibility". We were pleased to learn that he is a supporter of free speech and fair use, because challenging topics are...well...challenging! But not being able to challenge these topics doesn't seem like a good idea to us.

We respect and can appreciate the people and groups Ron mentions. Those in the middle of all those circles. We knew not all of them would care for this site. However, we know many, many more people in the dark circle. If this site helps someone laugh, or cope, or get through another shitty meeting, or perhaps drive a conversation that makes something better for someone, then it's been worth it.

We truly thank you Ron for this balanced, thoughtful write up. While we feel it could generally apply to satire on any hot-button topic, we're glad you wrote it about us :) Cheers to you good sir!

02 Sep 2021

One of the members of our writing team stumbled upon this blog from the site "Virgin Nigelbaker"... and it is GREAT! Please, go read it right now! Go on...we'll wait here...


...ah! you're back! AMAZING right???

As hard as it can be to write satire, it's even MORE difficult to write a logical deconstruction of why satire is *objectively* bad and not just your opinion...and this article excels at demonstrating that difficulty!

And all the while being written as a really great satire piece itself! The way the author uses obvious logical fallacies to point out our supposed logical fallacies? Super meta...MAD RESPECT! The wordplay dressed up as typos? SPOT ON! (proscriptive? yeah, you almost had us!)

If this is any indication of the quality of the "forth coming book" mentioned on the site, we can hardly contain ourselves! Virgin Nigelbaker, please send us a copy! We're always happy to collaborate with other aspiring satirists!