Now, you might be asking yourself - at these outrageous prices, is any of this swag actually worth it?

Our answer is, absolutely not! For a coffee mug (who really needs another one?), some stickers, or a notebook you'll find way better prices else where! That being said, it'd be a WAY better value than our certificates (if our lawyers would let us sell any.)

hmmmm...maybe a birthday gift though? For that special resource in your life? Maybe you know someone who needs to be extra legitimized?

Anyhow, there's no better way to demonstrate YOUR allegiance (or display your legitimacy) than overpriced swag from our little shop.

Show the other resources which resource has the resources! YEAH!

(if you see anything else on Zazzle you'd like us to consider, or maybe some Certificated coffee mugs or whatnot, shoot an email to

Caffeinated resources are productive resources! And what better way to get you there than with a big ole cuppa sweet sweet go juice!

About $20

Kick that feature factory into OVERDRIVE with our Faster Features caffeine holster! Remember managers, caffeinated resources are productive resources!

About $20

The relative complexity of this beer stein could take a whole evening to work out. But we guarantee no resource will go thirsty!

Under $25

Some resources need a lot of legitimacy, but some just need a little top-up. Plus, if you ever bring this to an event we are at, we promise to buy you something to put in it!

Less than $8

Sometimes situations can get legitimately sticky! But these stickers are the stickiest! Put one on all your resources!

Around $7

Well, its not as transparent as it could be...but you know, it never is! Still a little complexity - maybe only a 5! Go for it you thirsty resource you!!!

About $28

Do you walk into the office like you're charging in on horseback swinging a big-ass hammer? Well, you will now, in our extremely flattering polo shirt! So executively legitimate people will think you're goddamned THOR!

Less than $25

Looking to change up your style? Check out a twist on our double-reverse casual classic! The angled sleeves and lazy-v are more stylish and more breezy! That's one fine resource!

Under $20

When you need to show your legitimacy on double-reverse casual Friday, you need to rummage in your closet no further than this! Simple, yet elegant...the other resources will be so JEALOUS!

Around $18

Whether it's too bright out because of the sun or the brilliance of all your hard work, this top-mounted eye shader will protect your peepers from those intense rays!

About $30

Do you want all the benefits of the Classic Popcorn Trough with no strings attached? Then this is the choice for you! Same utility, but this popcorn trough is cordless! Now, how legitimate is that?!?!

Around $35

Trying to decide between keeping your resources warm and well-fed? Well, now you don't have to! If it's feeling a bit chilly out put this top covering on in "hoodie mode" or, if you're feeling a bit peckish, flip it around and make use of the extremely copious popcorn trough!

Under $40

How does a highly utilized resource like yourself become even more utilized? By writing down all your #1 priorities, estimates, and project plans in your handy dandy...NOTEBOOK! How legitimate!

Under $12

Sometimes situations can get legitimately sticky! But these stickers are the stickiest! Put one on all your resources!

Around $7